Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents can lead to serious injuries and significant emotional and financial hardships. At West and West LLP, we are dedicated to helping victims of these accidents obtain the compensation they deserve. Our experienced attorneys understand the complexities of pedestrian and bicycle accident cases and are committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation.

Why Choose West and West LLP for Your Pedestrian or Bicycle Accident Case?

  • Proven Expertise: Our team has a strong track record of successfully handling pedestrian and bicycle accident cases, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Legal Support: We offer full-service legal support, including investigation, negotiation, and litigation, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Personalized Attention: We prioritize our clients’ well-being, offering personalized attention and keeping you informed at every stage of the legal process.

Common Causes of Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists often occur due to driver negligence or hazardous conditions. Common causes include:

  • Distracted Driving: Drivers who are texting, using a phone, or otherwise distracted are less likely to notice pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Speeding: High speeds reduce reaction time and increase the severity of collisions.
  • Failure to Yield: Drivers who fail to yield the right of way at crosswalks and intersections frequently cause accidents.
  • Impaired Driving: Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose a significant danger to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Potholes, debris, and poorly marked crosswalks can contribute to accidents.
  • Inadequate Signage: Lack of proper signage and signals can lead to confusion and accidents at intersections and pedestrian crossings.

Types of Compensation Available

  1. Victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents may be entitled to various forms of compensation, including:

    • Medical Expenses: Coverage for current and future medical bills related to the accident.
    • Lost Wages: Compensation for lost income due to the inability to work.
    • Pain and Suffering: Damages for physical pain and emotional distress caused by the accident.
    • Rehabilitation Costs: Financial support for physical therapy and other rehabilitation services.
    • Property Damage: Reimbursement for repairs or replacement of bicycles and other personal property.

Our Process

  • Free Consultation: We provide a no-obligation consultation to evaluate your case and discuss your legal options.
  • Thorough Investigation: Our team conducts a comprehensive investigation to gather evidence, including police reports, witness statements, and accident scene analysis.
  • Aggressive Representation: We negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to secure a fair settlement. If necessary, we are prepared to take your case to court to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer continuous support and guidance throughout the legal process, ensuring you understand each step and are confident in your case.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Cyclists

While we are here to help if an accident occurs, we also believe in promoting safety to prevent accidents:

  • For Pedestrians: Always use crosswalks, obey traffic signals, and stay alert, especially when crossing streets.
  • For Cyclists: Wear a helmet, use bike lanes where available, follow traffic rules, and make yourself visible with lights and reflective gear.

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