Friendly, Diligent Attorneys

“Michael and David West have provided legal services for my family for many years. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to, and they worked diligently to provide us with the best legal services available. I highly recommend them.”


Nine Great Years of Service

“Michael West has been my family’s attorney for three separate cases in the past nine years. I the first one, he defended two of my CAP colleagues and myself against a fraudulent lawsuit brought about by two individuals that claimed we had contracted with them for rental of a facility when we clearly were publicly acknowledged that the facility was permitted to be used by the Hobby Senior Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol rent free. The culmination of that lawsuit was when the plaintiffs were unable to explain how a signature line on the purported rental document had been obliterated by a “cut and paste forgery” of one of my colleague’s signatures. Other witnesses testified as to the authenticity of our claims of being allowed to use the facility rent free without any obligations what-so-ever. The judgment in that case was that both sides went away and took nothing from each other but the judgment cleared my colleagues and myself of any obligation (past, present and future) to the plaintiffs.

A second case was against a defendant that tried to claim that money I had loaned her was a gift when I had a document that the defendant had initialed indicating that it was a loan that was to be repaid by a certain date without interest. The defendant contested that position but on a check that the defendant had cashed, it was clearly documented that the check was an “emergency loan.” The defendant tried to dispute that documentation but the judge ruled in our favor. The defendant had to pay the judgment against her and despite several appeals by the defendant; the case was clearly a victory for us.

The third case involved a property dispute that resulted in a 12-0 jury ruling in favor of Michael’s client and my wife, Lucy. This was a matter of a purchase of property by my wife. The defendants in that dispute had unlawfully encroached on a 15 foot swath of the property that they claimed was theirs by adverse possession and that they claimed to have had a fence delineating that claim in place for many years. That was proven by Michael to be a false claim as well as their claim of the proper boundary of the property. With Michael West by our side, we were totally confident in the outcome.

Although there can never be a guarantee in a lawsuit, we felt at ease having Michael West guide our team. I highly recommend Michael West and West and West, LLP for use by those who seek justice in their civil matters.”


An Advisor of Many Years

I have used Michael West as my attorney and legal advisor for many years. Michael is a true professional both in the legal field and his personal ethics. I would recommend Michael West for any of your legal needs.”


Good People, Great Lawyers

“Michael and David West and their staff are really good people who perform excellent and professional legal services with smiles on their faces. I was fully satisfied with Michael West’s representation of me and my business entities and also enjoyed working with Michael and his staff”


Men of Integrity

“We had several lawsuits which were complicated, long and difficult, based on condominium ownership. West & West’s legal fees were reasonable based on the legal knowledge required in our cases.

Michael, David and their staff were professional, knowledgeable and hard working. They all were also organized and timely. They kept us informed and worked with our board of directors, which wasn’t always easy as we often disagreed on strategy and approach.

Finally, Michael and David are men of integrity, character and faith which is becoming harder to find these days. They displayed perseverance and dedication to each of our lawsuits.”


Tremendously Grateful

“”I was in a tight spot. I had purchased a piece of property that, unbeknownst to me, had unresolved family issues attached. After I had committed myself financially, these issues arose as a lawsuit concerning final ownership of the property. I didn’t know where I stood legally and decided to call on Michael West of West & West, LLP to represent me in court. He assured me of my strong legal position and proceeded to deliver the positive verdict that I had hoped for. His knowledge and confident approach was of huge comfort to me in a situation where I had prepared for the worst. His masterful representation made the difference in the hearing outcome and I am tremendously grateful.”