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Not surprisingly, large truck accidents account for some of the worst – and most fatal – vehicle collisions on the roadways. If you or your family member have been hurt or even killed in a trucking accident, experienced Sienna Plantation tractor trailer wreck lawyers can help.

While it may seem straightforward that a crash involving a large tractor trailer is more likely to cause severe damages, obtaining adequate compensation for your injuries is not always simple. Insurers for trucking companies notoriously undervalue claims, even for victims who have been seriously injured or killed.

Skilled West & West truck crash attorneys servicing Sienna Plantation will fight for the compensation you deserve. We have experience negotiating with trucking company insurers, as well as pursuing truck accident claims through trial.

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Trucking Accident Facts

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (pdf) – the federal agency responsible for tracking highway collision data – 5,005 people were killed in the United States in 2019 in large truck wrecks, and 159,000 people were injured. The organization defines large trucks as those vehicles weighting in excess of 10,000 pounds. During the same year, there were roughly 538,000 large tractor trailer collisions.


If you or a loved one were one of the hundreds of thousands of people involved in a trucking accident, our Sienna Plantation Truck Accident attorneys can advise you of your rights.

Trucking Company Responsibilities

When a trucking company puts a truck driver on the road, the company has a duty to the public to make sure that its drivers are qualified and well-trained, and that its company policies encourage safe driving behaviors.


They also have a responsibility to conduct adequate background checks of a driver’s record, including any past alcohol or drug-related driving convictions or loss of commercial driver’s license status.

Unfortunately, many trucking companies fall short of or deliberately ignore this goal. Tractor trailer drivers are sometimes forced to drive for unreasonably long periods of time without rest in order to boost the company’s bottom line with quick deliveries.

These drowsy drivers are much more likely to cause a crash on the road, and when truck drivers take drugs or supplements – whether legal or illegal – to stay awake, the risk is even greater.

Trucking Company Safe Driving Practices

Because dangerous company policies promoting unsafe driving have landed some trucking groups in hot legal water in recent years, companies may have developed policies that are safer.

But if these safer policies are not actually followed or companies take advantage of policy loopholes, the move toward safer driving is only theoretical. Providing bonuses and incentives to truck drivers who exceed their driving-time goals, for instance, can be just as unsafe as having an official policy that does not allow for much rest.

How Can a Sienna Plantation Truck Accident Attorney Help?

Skilled tractor trailer accident lawyers servicing Sienna Plantation have experience analyzing trucking company policies and practices and assessing proper adherence to safety regulations.

At West & West will thoroughly investigate whether the trucking company’s negligence or harmful actions contributed to causing your accident and negotiate compensation that is just and fair, or ask the court to award the damages you deserve.

What You Can Do to Prevent Car Accidents in Alvin, TX

There are some car wrecks that are simply unavoidable on your part. Maybe a drunk driver doesn’t stop in time and rear-ends you, or perhaps another driver blows through a red light and T-bones you. Though some collisions are out of your hands, there are ways you can avoid being in (or causing) car accidents, including:

  • Be patient at lights to avoid red-light runners
  • Always focus on the road, even if it means listening to a song on the radio you don’t like or leaving a phone call unanswered
  • Pull into traffic slowly, and make sure your path is clear before entering the roadway
  • Get your car tuned up regularly to make sure your brakes and other systems are working properly
  • Drive defensively, always responding to other drivers’ actions. Never rely on other drivers to respond to your own actions
  • Leave room between you and the car in front of you so you can brake in time if needed

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The Alvin, TX auto accident attorneys at West & West have been successfully helping members of the Alvin, TX community involved in car accidents for 20 years. We have three offices serving Alvin, TX and surrounding areas to better serve our clients. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. We also offer remote video conferencing meetings (Skype/Zoom) with our attorneys. We can also send and exchange signed documents via your cell phone, tablet or computer. We know how difficult it is in the weeks following the accident and want to do everything we can to relieve the stress that our clients are going through during this time period.

Your Consultation Is Free, and We Do Not Collect a Fee Unless Recovery

When you call or email the Alvin, TX car accident lawyers at West & West, your case will be evaluated by one of our lawyers. Appointments can be scheduled for evenings or even weekends, subject to scheduling and availability, and if you are unable to come to one of our conveniently located offices, we can meet you at your doctor’s office, your job, or your home.

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